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Performance Management

We can assist your organisation in managing performance effectively to get the most out of your staff and help to achieve your objectives.

If your business is to perform well it is essential that your people share the organisation’s vision, know what is expected of them, that they are supported in achieving personal, team and individual objectives, and that their contribution is valued. We can advise you on how to ensure there is clarity in communicating expectations and in using tools effectively to manage individual, team and organisational performance.

Key performance indicators

Do you set performance indicators so you can measure employee performance against expectations? Do your performance indicators link to your organisational development plan, service standards, HR strategy and other relevant business plans and strategies? Do you benchmark your data against similar organisations? HR-asap can support you in identifying performance indicators that are key to your organisation achieving its targets. We can assist you in analysing your performance data against your objectives and against benchmarks data, in identifying trends and suggesting any necessary improvements for the future.

Tools for managing employee performance

Are you confident that your managers manage issues of good or poor performance effectively? Do you provide effective tools for managers to use in dealing with poor performance? Are instances of poor performance nipped in the bud or permitted to continue? Is there consistency in managing performance throughout your organisation? HR-asap can assist you in identifying and developing the tools your managers need, and in setting appropriate expectations of your staff. We can provide management training to ensure your leaders are confident in how they deal with performance issues, and that appropriate processes are used in your organisation.

Appraisal Schemes

Is your appraisal scheme an effective tool for managing performance, identifying development needs and inspiring your staff to achieve objectives? Do your staff and managers value your appraisal scheme, or is it just a ‘tick-box’ exercise? Does your appraisal scheme ensure that objectives set are SMART and link to organisational development objectives? HR-asap can review your appraisal scheme to help make it more effective, and can audit reviews to ensure managers are using appraisals consistently. We can provide training for both appraisers and appraises to ensure that the individual, his/her team and the organisation all derive maximum benefit from the appraisal process.

Reports on employee performance

Do you use data from HR and staffing reports to analyse how your organisation is performing? Does your staff data confirm you are meeting targets and/or performance indicators? Often poor performance of a team is hidden in your employee data, sometimes before you realise there is a problem! HR-asap can advise and support you in reviewing your records systems and reports, and identifying any poor-performing areas. We can then assist you in drilling down on the data so you can identify the issues and set targets for improvements.

Absence reports

Do you run regular attendance reports? Do you analyse reasons for absence and benchmark absence levels across the organisation? Do you take action on high levels of absence? Is this consistent across the company? Do you have an attendance policy? HR-asap can assist you in identifying unacceptable levels of absence and how to deal with excessive absence. We can provide you with an attendance policy to suit your organisation’s needs, and can train your managers to use reports and return to work interviews to set targets for improvements for employees. We can support you in identifying when absence becomes a disciplinary or capability issue, and dealing with it through appropriate procedures.

Staff turnover

Do you have high turnover of staff? Is this consistent across the organisation or higher in some departments or areas? Do you record reasons for leaving? HR-asap can assist you in analysing your data and reports to identify issues and develop an action plan to deal with any issues. We can help you to devise a process that will obtain as much information from leavers as possible so that you can seek to retain quality staff.

Employee relations

Are your employees motivated? Do they contribute to consultation and staff meetings? Do you encourage employees to identify issues in the workplace? Do you recognise trade unions? Is communication with staff upwards as well as downwards? Is there a ‘feel good’ factor in your workplace? HR-asap can support you in setting appropriate mechanisms for employee communication, and in identifying motivators and de-motivators in the workplace.

Staff satisfaction surveys

Do you know how your staff really feel? Do they think you are as good an employer as you think you are? Do you really care about your employees’ health and well-being? HR-asap can support you in setting up staff satisfaction surveys, analysing the responses and identifying an action plan. This can link to performance indicators, your organisation’s development plan and HR strategy.

Dealing with non-performance

Do your managers ignore performance issues initially, and only deal with them when there is a major problem? Is your organisation reactive rather than proactive in identifying performance standards? Do you use policies and procedures without first talking to people about performance issues? HR-asap can help you to ensure you have the right tools and policies to deal with poor performance and can train your managers to ensure these are applied consistently. We can investigate any disciplinary or capability issues for you, and advise on how to take appropriate action.

Setting targets and objectives

Are your staff aware of what is expected of them and what they can expect from you? Do you agree targets and objectives with your staff? Are targets SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-specific)? Do you monitor performance against targets? Do you feed back to your staff on achievement of objectives? HR-asap can assist you in identifying appropriate targets, communication with staff, and monitoring performance against your objectives. We can review with you how to set targets linked to organisational development plans, the HR strategy and other appropriate strategies. We can offer training and coaching to your managers to ensure they are confident in target-setting and in feeding back to employees.

Linking organisational, team and individual development

Are there clear links between your employees’ individual and professional learning and development, team development, and where the organisation is going? Do your plans and strategies clearly identify links? Do individuals feel part of their team and committed to the organisation? Is your organisation ‘one big team’? HR-asap can assist you in analysing how your development strategies link effectively, and how individual and team targets feed into your organisation’s objectives. We can review your appraisal scheme to ensure these links are integrated within the scheme, and that objectives set focus on organisational needs.

Identification of learning and development needs

Do you offer employees appropriate training? Do you permit employees to identify what development they would like? Do you analyse how employee requests for development will support your organisation’s development plan? Do you have mandatory training needs and, if so, do you ensure employees undergo regularly updates? HR-asap can help you to identify how well your staff learning and development contributes to team and organisational development. We can suggest HR records systems, and software solutions, to record development needs and when these are met: this would provide reports and data for assessing and evaluating development

Leadership and management training

Do your managers and leaders know what is expected of them? Do they understand the organisation’s vision? Can your leaders communicate effectively with staff? HR-asap can offer training, coaching and support for your leaders/managers and can support mechanisms to develop new leaders. Our advice line can support your managers if they are ever not confident in dealing with a performance issue.