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Organisational Structure

We can advise, assist and support you in identifying an organisational structure that works for you, and can produce organisation charts for you to use. We can provide consultancy services to review your structure, giving you a plan for consultation and implementation. We can assist you in developing an HR strategy that will work for your organisation. We can advise and support you in any redundancy process, or in TUPE transfers into or out of your organisation.

HR strategy linked to business needs

How do you ensure your HR planning and development is linked to your business plan? Do you look at what your business needs are in 3 years’ time? Do you review if your people are on track to achieve your objectives? Do your individual employee development and team objectives reflect your organisational development plan? HR-asap can assist you in developing a practical and measurable HR strategy to support your business objectives, and which you can then use in employee communication and in setting objectives and development needs.


Does your current business structure meet your on-going future needs? Are reporting lines conducive with your objectives? Does your business need a shake-up? HR-asap can assist you in defining and implementing a structure that will deliver your business objectives, supporting you with identifying appropriate posts and job descriptions and appointing the right people to those roles.


Do you know when to consult on redundancies, and who the consultation should be with? What information do you need to provide to those affected by proposals of redundancy? How do you select fairly for redundancy? What do you do if someone appeals against their selection for redundancy? HR-asap can support and advise you throughout the redundancy process. We have standard letters and consultation documents, can calculate redundancy pay entitlements, and will support you throughout the selection and termination processes.

TUPE transfers

Do you know what to do

if your company is going to be taken over, or if you are taking over another business? What ‘due diligence’ is needed? What about staff transferring? HR-asap can support and advise you whether you are the ‘transferor’ or the ‘transferee’. We can provide you with standard documentation for staff consultation, identify what data you need to exchange, and advise you on staff employment issues.

Job descriptions and person specifications

Do your staff have job descriptions? Do they reflect what you need your people to do? Are job descriptions and person specifications up to date? Are your job descriptions and person specifications equality proofed? HR-asap can assist you with developing formats for job descriptions and offer advice on person specifications that identify appropriate qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience and characteristics in a non-discriminatory way. We can also advise on how competencies defined in your job descriptions can link with your appraisal scheme.

Organisational development

Do you plan how your organisation can effectively meet its objectives over the next 1, 3 or 5 years? Does this link to current trends in your industry? Do you use recruitment and appraisal effectively to support your organisational development? Are staff’s learning and development objectives linked to your organisational needs for the future? HR-asap can help you to devise your organisational development plan, linking it to your HR strategy and other company strategies. We can review your recruitment and selection process with you to ensure you are selecting the best candidates for your business for the future, and ensure your appraisal scheme is linked to your organisation’s development plans.

Team development

Does your organisation have difficulties with team working? Do you develop teams effectively so they can contribute to your future success? Do you encourage those with leadership characteristics to support, coach and mentor colleagues? To ensure the organisation develops to meet future requirements and strategies it is essential to encourage effective teamworking, and to develop both team players and team leaders in the organisation. HR-asap can support you in initiating effective teamworking and mentoring strategies, and in providing training for managers, team leaders and those highlighted as potential team leaders.

Records systems

Are your records systems working effectively and efficiently? Do you need a no-fuss, no-nonsense HR system to record employee details? Can managers access employee details easily? Do you offer on-line holiday booking, or on-line appraisal? HR-asap can advise and support you in reviewing your records systems and reports, and make recommendations for improvements if necessary. We can look at your business needs and recommend HR solutions to suit. For SMEs we are a reseller of HR Partner, a low-cost cloud-based system that is easy to use.


Do you run regular and ad-hoc reports on staffing? Does your staff data confirm you are meeting targets and/or performance indicators? Would an HR software system help you to keep this data? HR-asap can advise and support you in identifying useful reports, reviewing your records systems, and making recommendations for HR solutions to suit your business needs.

Analysis of data/reports

Do you utilise staff data effectively? Do you compare data and reports over a period to identify trends? Do you benchmark your employee reports against other organisations? HR-asap can look at your reports and assist you in analysing the data and identifying trends and performance factors. We can show you how employee reports can identify if you are on target to achieving performance indicators and targets from the HR strategy.