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Human Resources Strategy

We can help you to make your Vision a reality! We can advise, assist and support you in identifying, developing and implementing a Human Resources Strategy that will work for you, linking it to your organisation’s development plan and other business plans and strategies. We can provide consultancy services to review your objectives for the strategy, providing a plan for consultation and implementation. We can look at your HR processes and assist you in developing them to meet your organisation’s needs. We can act as an ‘agent of change’ for you, assisting you to focus on change management and how to implement any necessary changes to how your business thinks and works.

HR strategy linked to business needs

How do you ensure your HR planning and development is linked to your business plan? Do you look at what your business needs are in 3 years’ time? Do you review if your people are on track to achieve your objectives? Do your individual employee development and team objectives reflect your organisational development plan? HR-asap can assist you in developing a practical, realistic and measurable HR strategy to support your business objectives, which you can then refer to in employee communication and in setting objectives and development needs.

Change management

Are your managers resistant to change? Do your people understand the need for change? Do you involve employees in developing your organisation for the future, identifying and implementing any desired changes? HR-asap can help you to make change happen, suggesting ways of communicating with and engaging your employees. We can assist you with planning changes and making them happen. Our advice line is there should you hit resistance on the way!

Setting targets and providing tools for organisational development

Do you plan how your organisation can effectively meet its objectives over the next 1, 3 or 5 years? Do you use recruitment and appraisal effectively to support your organisational development? Are staff’s learning and development objectives linked to your organisational needs for the future? Do your managers have the tool to implement necessary changes? HR-asap can help you to incorporate targets for organisational development into your HR strategy. We can offer training for your managers so they have the tools to implement any changes necessary, and our advice line is there to support and advise if needed.

Reviewing HR strategy

Do you have an HR strategy? Does your HR strategy work for you? Are your people aware of the strategy? Do you feed back to your employees on how you are achieving objectives? HR-asap can help you to review and revise your HR strategy and/or plan, and to identify how you are performing against your objectives. Or, if you don’t have an HR strategy, we can support you in developing and implementing one that will work for you, setting SMART targets and realistic expectations to move your business forward.

Writing an HR strategy linked to organisational objectives

Does your HR strategy properly link to your business strategies and plans? Does your HR strategy help you to drive your business forward in the way you need it to over the next 3 or 5 years? Do you analyse HR performance indicators as part of your business review? HR-asap can assist you in aligning your HR objectives to support you in achieving organisational objectives.

Setting targets for monitoring key performance indicators and objectives

Does your organisation identify HR targets and key performance indicators that will make a difference to how your organisation performs? Do you identify areas where you are not achieving targets and need to improve? Are you aware of how competitors perform in these areas? HR-asap can assist you in identifying and setting KPIs and objectives that will assist in driving your HR strategy forward and supporting your organisational development.

Effective HR planning

Is your people planning reactive or proactive? Do you use trends in determining your HR plan for the next year? Do you budget effectively for staffing, recruitment and development? HR-asap can help you to focus on planning and utilisation of one of your most expensive resources – your people. An annual HR plan will support the HR strategy in changing the business for your future needs.