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Employing People

We can advise, assist and support you with any of your queries or issues around employing people, from recruitment and selection throughout employment to termination of contract.   We can provide consultancy services, review or write terms and conditions of service and policies, train your managers, offer records systems, provide independent investigators for disciplinary and grievance issues.

Recruitment and selection

Are you satisfied that your recruitment and selection procedures will not only select the best candidate but also comply with employment legislation?  Does your documentation and process reflect good practice? Are you sure that you will not breach equality rights of individuals applying?  HR-asap can support you through the recruitment process, providing appropriate documentation, guidance and training as required.  If you have any queries you can call us just to check you’re getting this right.

Documentation: standard and customised letters for all employment situations

How much easier would it be if you could put your hands on a letter to suit standard employment situations (recruitment, maternity, absence, disciplinary, grievance)?  Would it be useful to have someone you could call to write specific letters for a different situation, or something you’ve not had to deal with before?  How confident are you that your letters conform to updated employment law?  HR-asap can provide you with documentation to fit any situation as and when you need it, along with support and guidance in dealing with the issue.

Terms and conditions of service

How long is it since you reviewed the documentation you send to staff on terms and conditions?  Does the written statement you send to new staff reflect what is required by legislation?  Do you know what to do if you want to change terms and conditions of employment for current staff, and whether you can legally do this?  HR-asap can provide a standard or specific written statement that you can use, and advise and support you in any queries relating to terms and conditions of service.

Probationary reviews

Do you implement a probationary period for new staff?  Is your documentation helpful in assessing performance during the probationary period? Do your probationary reviews then link into your appraisal scheme?  What do you do if someone isn’t achieving the standard you expect? HR-asap can help you to devise a system of probationary reviews for new staff to support your business needs.  We can advise on how to deal with learning and development, poor performance and dismissal, during the probationary period.  We can also train your managers so they are consistent in dealing with the probationary period.

Induction programme

Do you have an induction programme for new employees? Does it contain all the information they need?  Does the induction programme work? HR-asap can devise, or help you to devise, appropriate induction training for your organisation.

Employee benefits

What benefits do you offer your staff?  Pay is not the only motivator for staff, and there are no cost, or low cost, benefits you can highlight to make your employees feel you are offering something extra.  HR-asap can help you to identify these, and through our contacts can assist you in getting the package that suits your business and your employees.

HR software

Do you need a no-fuss, no-nonsense HR system to record employee details?  Can managers access employee details easily? Do you offer on-line holiday booking, or on-line appraisal?  HR-asap can look at your business needs and recommend HR solutions to suit.  For SMEs we are a reseller of HR Partner, a low-cost cloud-based system that is easy to use.

HR records systems and reports

Are your records systems working effectively and efficiently? Do you run regular and ad-hoc reports on staffing? Does your staff data confirm you are meeting targets and/or performance indicators? HR-asap can advise and support you in reviewing your records systems and reports, and make recommendations for improvements if necessary.

Policies and procedures

Do you have up to date policies and procedures that comply with legislation? Are your policies and procedures being used effectively? Are staff and managers confident that your policies and procedures work?  HR-asap can write or review policies and procedures, and advise on how they are used.  We also offer management training so you can be confident in using your policies and procedures.  Our standard letters can support the use of the policies and procedures, and our advice line can assist if you aren’t sure what to do at any time.  We can also supply an independent investigator for disciplinary or grievance issues.

Trade union consultation

Do you recognise trade unions? Do you know what issues should be subject to consultation with recognised trade unions? Do you know what rights your trade union officials have?  Do your managers have the skills and tools to deal with trade union representatives?  HR-asap can advise and assist you with regard to trade union consultation, effective working relationships with trade unions, and other issues including trade union rights.  We can also provide training for your negotiators.

Employee communication and consultation

Do you communicate effectively with your employees?  Are you aware of issues on which you need to inform and consult staff and employee representatives?  Do you have frameworks in place for effective employee communication?  HR-asap can assist you in initiating structures, electing employee representatives, or generally in good practice in communicating with and consulting your employees.

Performance management

What indicators do you have that show how well you are managing performance in your organisation?  How do you identify individuals or areas where there is unsatisfactory performance?  How do you deal with poor performance, or reward good performance?  HR-asap can assist you in setting performance indicators and analysing performance against these indicators.  We can look at your organisation’s strategy and goals, alongside staff performance data, and assist you in developing an action plan to deal with any issues.  We can also advise and support your managers in dealing with staff who are under-performing.

Management training

Do your managers have the skills they need to effectively lead and manage?  Are managers confident in dealing with employment issues? Do your managers have the support they need in implementing policies and procedures?  HR-asap can offer training for your managers in all aspects of people-management, including recruitment and selection, performance management, appraisals, policies and procedures, equality and diversity, dealing with disciplinary and capability issues, bullying and harassment and grievances.  We can also offer an advice line for managers who need to check before taking action following training.

Equality & Diversity

Are you aware of the issues covered in the Equality Act?  Are your managers and staff trained to recognise inappropriate behaviour? Do staff know how to report inappropriate behaviour, and to whom?  What are your responsibilities in respect of others (eg. contractors, clients) making unlawful remarks?  HR-asap can advise you and your managers on any aspects relating to equality and diversity, can assist you in dealing with issues, and can provide training for managers and staff.

Workplace conflict

Do you have problems between members of staff that you don’t know how to deal with?  Do your managers avoid dealing with ‘difficult’ people? What do you do when there are poor working relationships following a grievance or disciplinary meeting?  HR-asap can offer support on these issues, and will act as an independent advisor to assist conciliation between aggrieved parties.


Do you know when to consult on redundancies, and who the consultation should be with?  What information do you need to provide to those affected by proposals of redundancy?  How do you select fairly for redundancy?  What do you do if someone appeals against their selection for redundancy?  HR-asap can support and advise you throughout the redundancy process.  We have standard letters and consultation documents, can calculate redundancy pay entitlements, and will support you throughout the selection and termination processes.

TUPE transfers

Do you know what to do if your company is going to be taken over, or if you are taking over another business?  What ‘due diligence’ is needed? What about staff transferring?  HR-asap can support and advise you whether you are the ‘transferor’ or the ‘transferee’.  We can provide you with standard documentation for staff consultation, identify what data you need to exchange, and advise you on staff employment issues.

On-going advice and support

Do you sometimes have no-one to turn to for impartial support on employment issues?  HR-asap is there to support, advise and assist as appropriate: as well as engaging us to deal with a project you can engage us by the hour, the day or a period of days.  We can offer advice by telephone, e-mail or in person.

Employment law updates

Would you like to know what to look out for in the future?  Do you need to keep abreast of changes in case law?  HR can offer you employment law updates, giving basic information on changes in employment law before it is implemented. We can provide training and updating for your managers if you wish. We publish regular bulletins on particular employment themes on our website.

Employee and management training

Do you feel your managers aren’t performing as effectively as you’d like them to?  Do you have new policies and procedures?  Are there issues with managing performance ?  Do managers and/or staff fail to see the benefits of appraisal?  HR-asap can provide you with standard or customised training to suit your needs.  We can follow up with coaching or advice and support as necessary.