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Discipline & Non-Performance

We can assist your organisation in ensuring that you have effective policies and procedures to deal with workplace discipline and capability issues, and support your managers in dealing with conduct and competence. We can supply you with standard and customised letters and documentation to use with your policies. We can also act as an independent investigator for serious or difficult issues, providing you with a report, notes of meetings, and evidence gathered during the investigation. Our advice line will ensure you have speedy responses to queries, either by telephone, e-mail or face to face.

Policies & Procedures

Are your policies and procedures up to date and legally compliant? Are ACAS codes of practice reflected in your policies? Are staff aware of the policies and where they are stored? Are your managers trained to work within policies and procedures? Are managers confident to deal with minor issues speedily and informally? HR-asap can review and re-write your policies and procedures so they are clear to follow. We can support your managers with training, advice and support in using the procedures. We can also conduct investigations in accordance with your policies.

Identifying what is disciplinary and what is capability and how to deal with each situation

Does your organisation have separate disciplinary and capability policies? Is it sometimes unclear which policy to use? Do you deal with capability (can’t do) issues differently to disciplinary (won’t do)? HR-asap can advise and support your managers to ensure you deal with each case properly, using appropriate policies and documentation. We can offer training in effective use of the policies and procedures for managers and staff.

Informal processes

Do you deal with misconduct issues as soon as you become aware of them? Should you permit the individual to be accompanied at informal stages of a policy? Should you record outcomes when you aren’t using formal stages of a policy? HR-asap can assist you in identifying when you need to use your policies and when you don’t, and can train your managers to approach each situation appropriately. Our training and advice will support you in addressing issues at the earliest possible stage.


Who should investigate alleged misconduct or gross misconduct? Should the manager investigate the issue and then proceed to hearing the case? Are there benefits to having someone independent, who is experienced in HR and employment law, to investigate allegations? HR-asap can answer your questions on investigations, ensuring that they are properly conducted. We can, if you wish, provide an independent investigator for disciplinary or capability issues to gather evidence for you and produce an investigation report.

Management training

Are your managers properly trained in how to deal with misconduct or incompetence? Are you confident that managers always act fairly, objectively and consistently when dealing with ‘difficult’ people and/or difficult issues? HR-asap can train your managers to give them the confidence to deal reasonably with discipline and non-performance issues, supporting and advising through our advice line if required.

Customising solutions to fit the case

Do you treat every issue the same? Are you fair and consistent with similar issues? Do you feel that sometimes there are mitigating circumstances that make a case different? HR-asap can help you to look at the facts of the case alongside any exceptional circumstances that need to be taken into account so that the solution fits the case. Disciplinary and competence issues can rarely be treated as ‘one size fits all’ – it is about seeking appropriate solutions for the circumstances.

Notes of formal meetings

Do you employ experienced notetakers who are competent in recording disciplinary or competence meetings? Are you confident your managers will use the correct language in recording meetings? Are the notes your company produces able to withstand scrutiny at an Employment Tribunal? HR-asap can record formal disciplinary meetings for you, produce notes speedily alongside any other documentation you require, and can advise managers hearing the case. Alternatively, we can train your confidential administrative or HR staff in notetaking for formal meetings.


Do your managers know how to conduct formal meetings in accordance with your policies, ACAS codes of practice, and what is expected of a ‘reasonable employer’? How will your managers deal with employee representatives at hearings? Do managers follow a set procedure for hearings and formal meetings? Will your managers focus on the issues being addressed? HR-asap can provide training for your managers and act as an advisor, either in person or remotely, for formal hearings if you wish. We can offer guidance to managers on how to deal with a specific case, and talk through potential outcomes following the hearing.


How do you ensure appeals against disciplinary penalties are fair and objective? Do you have a set procedure to follow at appeal hearings? Who will hear an appeal in your organisation? HR-asap can offer advice and support in all aspects of disciplinary and capability procedures, including appeal hearings. As for ‘Hearings’ we can supply a notetaker or advisor.

Implementing disciplinary action

Are your managers confident and consistent in awarding disciplinary penalties? Do they look at learning and development needs alongside warnings? How do you record disciplinary penalties? HR-asap can coach, advise and support you through all disciplinary and non-performance issues,


Are you confident of what could be considered as gross misconduct or misconduct so serious as to fundamentally breach the employment relationship? Who is able to dismiss staff in your organisation? HR-asap can support your managers in making decisions, communicating them to the employee, and assisting with any post-employment issues.

Reviewing warnings

Are your managers aware of what to do when a warning expires? What do you do when warnings are ‘spent’? Can you keep a warning on file and refer to it in the future? HR-asap can ensure that your policy is clear on how disciplinary action is recorded, and what happens when the time period for the warning expires. Our helpline facility is there for when you don’t know what to do.

Identifying development needs

Would your managers recognise that an employee’s behaviour or inability to do his/her job is because they need training or development? How would they record this? Who would be expected to take any actions? HR-asap is that friendly voice at the end of a line – you can talk it through with us and we will offer appropriate advice and support.

Continuous performance management

How do you ensure you are continuously monitoring and managing performance? How do you ensure performance and development is appropriate to your organisation’s needs? What do you do if someone is failing? HR-asap can assist your managers with training, coaching and our advice line: support by phone, e-mail or face to face to suit your needs.